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    We Quickly Get To The Underlying Cause Of Your Ill Health, Not Just Treat Your Symptoms

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    We Quickly Get To The Underlying Cause Of Your Ill Health, Not Just Treat Your Symptoms

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    We Quickly Get To The Underlying Cause Of Your Ill Health, Not Just Treat Your Symptoms


Armadale's Leading Naturopathic Clinic

At Hope Naturopathic Clinic, we quickly get to the underlying cause of your ill health, not just treat your symptoms. As a naturopathic clinic in Armadale, WA, we’re here to help and support you on your journey to feeling better. We use evidence based scientific solutions that actually work. Whether your pain and discomfort is physical, emotional or relational, we have the education, skills and experience in our fields of naturopathy to move you towards your goal of feeling better. 
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Clinical Naturopathy Services

Clinical Naturopathy is supporting your body’s natural design to heal and re-balance itself using specialised nutrients, herbal medicine, diet and lifestyle advice based in science. At Hope Naturopathic Clinic, we use the latest and most accurate pathology tests for blood, saliva for hormones and hair mineral analysis for toxicity, as well as cellular health analysis testing and iris analysis (iridology). Naturopathic assessments explore the underlying causes and devise a treatment plan that is effective and practical for your individual situation. 

How Naturopathy Can Help You

As award winning naturopathic practitioners, we use gentle, scientifically based natural therapies to help you on your way to better health. These include:

Naturopathy - Assessing all your body systems and uncovering the underlying cause of why you feel unwell.

Herbal Medicine - Using plant based tinctures (herbal extracts in a liquid form) that have been proven to be effective.  These are mixed up for each individual based on what is needed to restore health and wellness.

Acupuncture and Dry Needling — using fine sterile needles to stimulate your body’s healing.

Nutrition - Helping you make healthy and healing choices about what goes in to your body, whether it is to restore healthy digestion and resolve any embarrassing problems that usually go with that, reduce bloating or to lose weight.

Dorn Spinal Therapy — gently working with your body using movements to persuade vertebrae into their correct natural position, re-balancing leg length and correcting hip position. No crunching or cracking!

Counselling — helping individuals, couples and families resolve their past, enjoy their present and plan their future.
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What Makes Us Different?

Part of the philosophy of the clinic is to treat you as a whole person, body, soul and spirit. We take time to listen carefully and understand you, taking into account other factors like stress and relationships, that can impact on your health.

Part of the healing we offer, is for you to feel valued, heard and understood. We take enough time to assess and discuss your individual situation, without rushing. 

We work with you, not on you.

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Paul and Liz.
  • “I’ve had shoulder pain for 35 years and had stopped playing golf and caravanning. Now I’m back into everything, pain free!”
    VL aged 83 years

  • “You’ve made an unbelievable difference to my life.” LS

  • “I had a motorbike accident 20 years ago, where I was impaled on a fence post. I had just gotten used to being in pain. But the pain has gone completely now, and I can finally get some sleep.” JB

  • “I have Sherman’s disease and didn’t think anything could help. But after a few visits, I got a lot of (pain) relief.” SP

  • “Being in my 70s I got used to the curvature in my spine. I went to see Liz about my back pain, not expecting much. My spine straightened up quite a lot, and I have no pain now.” CF

  • “My friends have been telling me for years I look lopsided. Now I don’t, and they can all shut up! Liz got my legs the same length.” MP

  • “I’ve always had a built up shoe. After my first visit to Liz, I went down the shed and cut the build-up off, because I don’t need it anymore.” RF

  • “I didn’t like the look of my dowager hump but didn’t want to have an operation to get rid of it. Now it’s gone and I can wear whatever shirt like, without having to think about hiding it.” RT

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